Aix-Marseille University’s Institute for Advanced Study (IMERA) and partners launch this year four calls relative to the following programs:

Arts, Sciences and Society
Interdisciplinary Explorations
Necessary Utopias

Residencies fall under one of two categories:

  • Residencies linked to the general themes of a program.
  • Residencies linked to the themes of a chair in line with a specific axis of a program (collaborative arrangement between IMERA and one of its partners).

Interested scientists or artists might apply to only one of the programs, and must mention clearly in their application the type of residency (please see above “residency categories”).


  • Language skills in English and French: residents must be able to understand both languages verbally and in writing (passive knowledge) and master at least one of the two verbally and in writing (active knowledge).
  • Candidates commit to participate in the collective activities of the residency planned with the other residents and the scientific team of IMERA. The Community Building Seminar is in this sense one of the central activities, which takes place every week (usually on Thursdays, 3 hours). The investment time equals one day per week.
  • Candidates, who are former IMéRA residents, may reapply at least 5 years after their first research stay.

Application file

You can access the application form at the bottom of each program’s page – through a specific clickable link to apply – this must follow a thorough reading of the eligibility criteria.

The application file might be completed in either French or English.

Every applicant must include in his or her application:

- A duly completed application form (mandatory fields).

- All the following files (to download):

  • A curriculum vitae including a list of publications for researchers, and / or former works for artists and heritage and museum professionals.
  • A presentation of the project (maximum 5 pages) followed by a selective bibliography (compulsory for researchers) or a list of artistic and scientific references (compulsory for artists).
  • A letter of support from an Aix-Marseille researcher or associate/assistant professor OR a letter of motivation clearly explaining the interest for the researcher applicant to interact with Aix-Marseille laboratories and to lead a project from Aix-Marseil
  Schedule of calls

To come

  Residency conditions
For information about remuneration, please refer to each call (Application and residency conditions).


Unless otherwise specified, IMERA hosts the residents in one of its 14 apartments, situated in “Parc Longchamp” in the center of Marseille.

The attribution of apartments is the sole decision of IMERA, which strives to accommodate all residents in the best conditions. Requests for familial hosting at IMERA must be mentioned in the application form.


IMERA takes in charge only the residents’ ticket from their usual place of residence to Marseille and back.

Research means

Residents benefit from the support of the IMERA team, which facilitates the conditions of their stay and the organization of their activities within the limits of available financial resources. These normally relate to the theme of their program but can also be transversal to other programs. In this context, IMERA helps residents to establish new contacts with the scientific and cultural environment of the Aix-Marseille region.

IMERA does not currently have artists’ workshops.

Residents commitments

The IMERA resident agrees to accept all the principles and living rules contained in the Institute Charter.