Art, Science and Society Programme 2021-2022

The Art, Science and Society Programme hosts artists and scientists (either humanities, social  or hard sciences) developing experimental approaches at the intersection of art and science. Its main goal is to favor collaborative work articulating research and creation in both art and science.

The programme is definitely open to artists and scientists with no conditionality on their disciplinary background. It is particularly designed to host art-science projects which renew questionings and approaches and foster the emergence of original concepts and frames.

The residencies are intended for artists and scientists submitting projects whose development clearly requires collaborations between art and science.

The programme includes, but is not limited to, the exploration of the following themes:

  • The impact of digital integration on research and creation: the idea is to reflect on productive perturbations generated by collaborations between scientists (either humanities, social or hard sciences) and artists in the digital field, as well as the spin-off these may have in the fields of knowledge and creation. A monthly seminar on "Research, art and digital practices" is organized in partnership with the Aix en Provence School of Art (ESAAix) and several laboratories: IDEMEC (AMU/CNRS), IREMAM (AMU/CNRS), CNE (EHESS AMU/CNRS/UA).
  • The relationships between sound practices, articulated with plastic practices, and those of music in their diversity, but also the relationships between artistic approaches and scientific approaches. These relationships are explored as part of a monthly seminar on "Practices of Listening and Listening Practices" that results from a collaboration between IMéRA and UMR PRISM - Perception, Representations, Image, Sound, Music (AMU - CNRS).
  • Relationship between art, heritage and society. The aim is to query the relation to heritage as a critical space of invention that engages the richness and complexity of its relations with history and the diversity of cultural forms, through reflection on exhibition and promotion forms that contribute to its definition and collective re-ownership. This question is the subject of a residence each year in partnership with Mucem (see below)
  • Innovative writing at the crossroads of artistic and scientific research: the aim will be to consider or explore innovative forms of writing generated by interdisciplinary art-science collaborations.

CONTACT : Pascale Hurtado, Scientific Coordinator -

Applicants to this call may submit applications either to:

  • the general programme described above , or
  • the residence in partnership with Mucem.

The choice must be specified in the application form ("Application options").


The project of the applicant (scientific or artist) shall necessarily involve experimentation at the crossroads of science and art.

>> General Programme : Application and residency conditions

Artist-researchers are invited to respond to the call of the Cofund Fellowship Programme FIAS-FP  (Deadline : September 15, 2020 at 3:00 pm) of which IMéRA is a part, by selecting IMéRA as host institute. To be eligible for this call, they must in particular hold a PhD (+ 2 years of experience) or a Master (+ 6 years of experience).
All information about Programme FIAS-FP: click here.


The Musée des Civilisations de l'Europe et de la Méditerranée (Mucem) is a national museum located in Marseille, where Europe and the Mediterranean are viewed from the perspective of humanities, social science and art. Emphasis is placed on circulation and exchanges between Europe and the Mediterranean, changes in our societies and sensitive issues, as well as contemporary revaluations of ordinary or informal cultures and practices (technical cultures, know-how, representations and imaginaries, productions and expressions that are little—or not—institutionalised).

The residency in partnership Mucem/IMéRA is open to artists, heritage professionals and researchers in humanities and social sciences. The residency project should fit in with Mucem’s scientific and cultural programme, in particular one of the following two museum spaces: The Galerie de la Méditerranée and The “Show Flat” at the Mucem Conservation and Resource Centre.

>> Mucem/IMéRA Residency: Application and residency conditions