Mediterranean Programme 2022-23

The programme "Mediterranean" is open to scholars from all disciplines, to writers and to thinkers from all fields. It is part of the comparative field of "Mediterranean Studies", which is both international and interdisciplinary. This programme is built around four main research axes: critical thinking in contemporary Islam, in particular through a reflection on Mediterranean Islam; the question of ways of life, of everyday culture and contemporary forms of life ­‐ living, eating, speaking, dressing which are inscribed in reference to the Mediterranean world; the question of identity passions, between Europe and the Mediterranean, of the historical, political, national or religious references which inspire these passions and allow us to better understand their development; the question of the Mediterranean, at the time of the Anthropocene, of the climatic upheavals and of the transformation of our planet, which invite us to think of this area as a bio‐region in the making.

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Applicants to this call may submit applications either to:

  • Residencies linked to the general themes of the programme.
  • Residencies linked to the themes of a chair in line with a specific axis of the program (collaborative arrangement between IMERA and one of its partners).

The choice must be specified in the application form ("Application options").

Residencies linked to the general themes of the programme

>> Residencies linked to the general themes of the programme: application and residency conditions

Residencies linked to the themes of a chair

IMéRA's "Mediterranean" program benefits from the collaboration and support of two partners, with whom IMéRA proposes thematic chairs. 

  • Sciences Po Aix: The call for the Hirschman Chair has already been launched via the European call for French Institutes for Advanced Study (FIAS) last spring for the year 2022-23. It is therefore not part of this call. 

A chair is open in the framework of this call:

  • Southern Region: The Chair "Germaine Tillion, Tomorrow's Mediterranean" is open for applications in this call (details below).

Its objective is to provide the means to think about the future, the realities of tomorrow, and to begin with, the passions of identity between Europe and the Mediterranean. The rise in power of identity-based passions has left thinking disarmed in many ways. It is more necessary than ever to open a space of thought that seeks to question these identity passions.

>> Germaine Tillion IMéRA/Région Sud Chair : application and residency conditions