Programme Arts, Sciences and Society 2022-23

The program is open to scholars from all disciplines and to artists from all fields. At the intersection of art and science, it refers to the ways in which art and science together clarify, respond to, and anticipate societal challenges and activate audiences. Seeking to foster innovation and citizen participation, the program addresses the following core issues: sensory modes of knowledge creation by artists and scientists alike; multimodal forms of cultural transmission (such as hybridization between sound, text and image, exhibitions, etc); relational experiences and strategies of public engagement.

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CONTACT: Emilie Sitzia, Director of the programme "Arts, Sciences and Society" -

Applicants to this call may submit applications either to:

  • The residencies linked to the general themes of the programme.
  • The residence in partnership with Mucem.

The choice must be specified in the application form ("Application options").

The Residencies linked to the general themes of the programme (see above)

The project of the applicant (scientific or artist) shall necessarily involve experimentation at the crossroads of science and art.

>> Residencies linked the general themes of the programme: application and residency conditions

Residence in partnership

The Mucem/IMERA residency is open to artists, heritage professionals and researchers in humanities and social sciences.

The Musée des civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée (Mucem) is a national museum located in Marseille, where Europe and the Mediterranean are viewed from the perspective of humanities, social science and art. Emphasis is placed on circulation and exchanges between Europe and the Mediterranean, changes in our societies and sensitive issues, as well as contemporary revaluations of ordinary or informal cultures and practices (technical cultures, know-how, representations and imaginaries, productions and expressions that are a bit—or not—institutionalised).

The Mucem/IMERA residency project should fit in with Mucem’s scientific and cultural programme, in particular one of the following museum spaces or themes:

  • The Galerie de la Méditerranée is Mucem’s semi-permanent exhibition space.
  • The "show apartment" of the Mucem Conservation and Resource Center.
  • The "chambre d'amis".
  • The Mucem collection.

>> Mucem/IMéRA Residency: Application and residency conditions