Programme Interdisciplinary Explorations 2022-23

The Interdisciplinary Explorations program addresses all issues related to the theory and practice of interdisciplinarity in university research and teaching. The projects of the fellows under this programme must have an interdisciplinary dimension. Priority will be given to researchers who have produced innovative and original results in their own field. Their projects might develop a reflection on the theoretical debate that animates their own discipline; on the research programmes that structure it; and on the way in which other sciences can clarify and reorient it.

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CONTACT: Gabriella Crocco, Director of the programme "Interdisciplinary Explorations" –

Applicants to this call may submit applications either to:

  • The residency linked to the general themes of the programme.
  • The residency linked to the themes of a chair in line with a specific axis of the program (collaborative arrangement between IMERA and one of its partners).

The choice must be specified in the application form ("Application options").

Residencies linked to the general themes of the programme

>> Residencies linked to the general themes of the programme: application and residency Conditions

Residencies linked to the themes of a chair

IMéRA's « Interdisciplinary Explorations » programme benefits from the collaboration and support of 2 partners with whom IMéRA offers thematic chairs.

  • Inserm: The Inserm/IMéRA Chair will not be opened within the call for applications 2022-23 due to the postponements caused by the health crisis.

One Chair is open under this call:

  • The ILCB/IMERA Chair concerns confirmed researchers presenting a project on the theme "language, communication and the brain".

The Institute of Language, Communication and the Brain (ILCB) consists of 10 research units (LPL, LPC, INS, INT, LNC, ISM, LIS, LIA, I2M, PRISM) and 8 experimental platforms (IRMf, MEG, EEG, TMS, primatology, virtual reality, baby lab, speech experimentation center). It brings together around 200 statutory researchers at the Aix-Marseille-Avignon campus. ILCB’s scientific project focuses on the cerebral and cognitive bases of language and communication. For this, the ILCB brings together the knowledge acquired in the various concerned disciplines: linguistics, neurosciences, psychology, computer science, mathematics and medicine. In particular, the ILCB intends to study the production and perception of language not only in a controlled context, but also to open up new perspectives for the study of its use in more natural contexts. The ILCB also has an experimental support system with a service dedicated to data analysis and processing, made of 5 engineers in scientific computing and experimentation.

Under this call, the proposed project should be interdisciplinary, focusing on the cerebral and cognitive bases of language or communication, and preferably be based on a collaboration between several units of the ILCB.

The holder of the chair must develop these research themes and ensure sufficient visibility through a series of public conferences.

>> ILCB/IMéRA Chair: Application and Residency Conditions