Global Phenomena and Regulation programme | EHESS/IMéRA chair: Application and residency conditions

The EHESS (School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences) is a prestigious French institution devoted to research and teaching in social sciences. The EHESS research and teaching activities also involve members of French and foreign partners. These activities are carried out at the Paris headquarters and at the regional centers of the institution (Lyon, Marseille and Toulouse) as well.

The EHESS-IMéRA chair in “Transregional Studies” aims at developing at the highest international level comparative research among any regions of the world. The research projects proposed should in particular take into account the involved scale effects and the related issues of exchange, circulation and connection in the reformulation of social orders. They should also build on innovative and clearly articulated interdisciplinary approaches. The EHESS-IMéRA chaire particularly welcomes research projects interested in the comparison between cultural areas. 


Deadline: 18 September 2017 at 1:00 pm

Duration of residence: 10 months

Residence period: 10 Sept 2018 to 12 July 2019

Who can qualify?

The EHESS-IMéRA chair is open to senior outstanding researchers from all social sciences. Applicants should submit an innovative project on trans-regional comparisons among any regions of the world. Special attention will be paid to those projects which analyse contemporary issues from a long-run historical perspective.

Senior Class: Researchers with minimum 10 years’ experience in full-time research after obtaining the PhD (PhD training is not considered in the calculation of experience) as at the closing date of the call for applications, and university professors.

To be eligible, applicants must meet the following conditions:

  • Not to have lived in France more than 12 months during the three years preceding this call for applications;
  • Hold a Doctorate or PhD;
  • Have an employment contract (permanent or not) in a foreign university or research institution during the residency
Selection Criteria

Application assessment criteria include, but are not limited to:

  • The scientific excellence of the researcher according to the highest international standards in the field,
  • The scientific excellence of the project including its interdisciplinary dimension, which is crucial for the insertion of the researcher in the dynamics of collective creation at IMéRA,
  • The capacity to carry the scientific collaboration between EHESS and IMéRA

Online applications must include:

- Duly completed application form (mandatory fields);

- Files to be downloaded:

  • Curriculum Vitae with a list of publications;
  • Presentation of research project (maximum 5 pages) with selective bibliography;
  • A statement of interest from a researcher of Aix-Marseille.